Exploring Dimensions of Self Within Educational Pathways For Gifted Adolescents

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Brady, Gayle J.
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This thesis is a proposal for a quantitative study exploring the relationship between self-concept and self-efficacy among gifted adolescents and the extent to which they relate to age, gender, socio-economic status, and educational setting. A brief history and exploration of various conceptions of giftedness, operational definitions of psychosocial variables including self-concept and self-efficacy, and a summary of the most popular educational pathways available to gifted students in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada, are presented. Multiple dependent measures collected from the administration of Harter's Self-Perception Profile for Children, Self-Perception Profile for Adolescents (SPPC & SPPA), Marsh's Self Description Questionnaires 1 & 2 (SDQ-I&II), and Gentry and Springer's Student's Perception of Classroom Qualities (SPOCQ) is suggested.
self-efficacy , gifted adolescents , MANOVA , SDQ-I , SDQ-II , SPPC , SPPA , SPOCQ , giftedness , high ability , educational pathways for adolescents , self-concept in adolescents , self-efficacy in adolescents , multi-age cluster class , self-concept