Addressing Microaggressions: A Proposed Conceptual Model for Integrating Narrative Therapy with Corporate Well-Being Programs

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Gill , Amanda J
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This work introduces a forward-thinking conceptual model utilizing narrative therapy principles with corporate well-being programs to disarm workplace microaggressions and protect employees' mental well-being. The literature review section delves into the prevalence of microaggressions in corporate office culture, specifically racial, gender, heterosexist, and ability-related microaggressions, highlighting the interconnectedness of psychological and social factors that contribute to the presence of microaggression in the workplace. This paper then explains how the conceptual model can be applied to address the identified gap between the level of psychological safety in the workplace and proactive steps to safeguard employees' mental health. Furthermore, the paper outlines the therapist's role in collaborating with corporations to implement this model and outlines the implications for counselling theory, practice, and research. Limitations of this work are discussed, and proposed next steps for further research are explored.
microaggressions , psychological safety , narrative therapy , corporate well-being
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