Communication in a Diverse Classroom: An Annotated Bibliographic Review

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Brown, Rachelle
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Students have social and personal needs to fulfill which they communicate these different ways. This annotated bibliographic review examined communication studies to provide educators of diverse classrooms with ideas to build an environment that contributes to student well-being. Participants in the studies ranged in age, ability, and cultural background. A bibliographic matrix included findings that showed positive correlations between the instructional environment and higher levels of student motivation, engagement, learning, and conduct. Differences in perspectives of traditional values within Western settings and the importance of intervention strategies to improve social and language communication skills were noted. The researcher concluded that effective communication practices, cultural awareness, and communication skills promote the fulfillment of students' needs.
Recipient of the 2014-16 Everett campus - Doctorate in the Making (DIM) award.
communication , diversity , instructional environment , cultural awareness