An Admin Management Dashboard with MERN for SME E-commerce

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Liu, Pengfei
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E-commerce has revolutionized the global retail industry, and E-commerce sales have tripled in the past seven years. Affected by the pandemic, the number of independent E-commerce companies ushered in exponential growth. As an invisible battlefield in the E-commerce competition, the admin management system aims to help E-commerce manage inventory and user data more conveniently and effectively. It is used to support business, optimize service processes, improve service efficiency, and provide data analysis functions to provide references for overall business adjustment and optimization. This project implements the admin management system mainly with MongoDB, Express, React, and NodeJS. By using MERN stack, it improves the overall performance of the system and reduces maintenance cost. The frontend is implemented with the single-page application which only renders necessary data to the page. The back is composed of MongoDB, Express, and NodeJS. The Express MVC helps to reduce the coupling between each part. The project increases the QPS by 60% by deploying with 2 AWS EC2 instances.
admin management dashboard , MERN stack , e-commerce , microservices architecture
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States , openAccess