The Influence of Fatigue and Work Productivity Among Social Workers: A Quantitative Analysis

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Darkazalli, Magda
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This study investigated the effects of secondary traumatic stress disorder (STSD) or compassion fatigue (CF) on work productivity among social workers (SW) employed for the provincial government of British Columbia. Ninety-seven participants completed a short demographics survey, in addition to two published scales, Professional Quality of Life Scale (ProQOL) and the Health and Work Questionnaire (HWQ). Results demonstrated perceived positive supervisory support increases work satisfaction and productivity, whereas perceived negative supervisory support may decrease work satisfaction and productivity. Participants who experienced childhood trauma showed significant results with STSD/CF scores than those who did not experience childhood trauma. The result suggest that fatigue such as STSD/CF and burnout can impact work productivity and job satisfaction, especially if there is a negative perception of supervisory and colleague support and previous history of trauma.
compassion fatigue , social workers