Leadership—New Adaptive Methods

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Rábeková, Lenka
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This paper is focused on the meaning of the competitive advantage, utilizing leadership, knowledge, and the importance of creativity. At present, creativity is becoming the most important instrument of successful leaders, whereas knowledge is a fundamental economic source and production instrument. Therefore, the people who dispose of knowledge that can be deepened and shared are the crucial leaders for every enterprise. Education (learning) is one of the ways to acquire a competitive advantage, but under one basic condition: one must be quicker to learn and educate faster than competitors. The need for education with minimum time investment and maximum knowledge utilization is derived directly from the practice. The fact that the leaders are inwardly motivated to learn presents a competitive advantage for an organization. It is possible to naturally increase the motivation in teaching made to measure, since the theory and practice are directly interconnected. To become the creator of curriculum, a developer needs to learn the tools for adaptive methods to analyze the knowledge needs of a particular student using mind maps and analyzing mental processes (by neurolinguistic programming).
leadership education , motivation for learning , leader creativity
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