Cause Research Institute (CRI)

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National University Cause Research Institute (CRI) represents NU’s continued commitment to social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion by enriching the student experience, broadening research and scholarship opportunities for faculty and students, and creating new pathways to impact society through strategic partnerships by offering a range of professional services to other organizations and communities—all through the transformative power of cause-focused research. At the heart of CRI are four pillars, each designed with a specific aim:

I. Research and Scholarship: Amplifying a culture of research and scholarship by connecting students and faculty with increased sponsored or funded research, scholarship, and professional development activities.

II. Research Administration: Establishing a robust support infrastructure to manage our research and development-oriented projects and initiatives.

III. Innovation, Research, and Development: Capturing the science behind internal initiatives like NUcleus, Social Emotional Learning, and Student Success Learning Sciences and ultimately sharing our emerging best practices with the education community as open resources.

IV. Professional Services: Providing comprehensive assessments, evaluations, and other products and services to third parties as a fee-for-service.


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