Homeless Youth: An Expression of External Factors and Human Agency Interactions

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Tejada, José
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Understanding homeless youth requires deep exploration into the condition of those who live a street life. The purpose of this study is to improve understanding of homeless youth for policy makers and service providers to homeless youth. The review indicates that there are no clear or agreeable definitions of homelessness, and there are no particular plans from service providers in Canada to exit youth out of the streets. Addressing immediate needs for homeless youth is identified by service providers as the main solution to homelessness. The present research proposes that youth homelessness can be dealt with from a more inclusive, systematic perspective. From this view, anyone working with homeless youth could support exiting the street with a more integrated social plan. Such integration will be achieved by creating and connecting services leading youth to be part of the social norm. Consequently, youth go back to living not in isolation but as part of a bigger social group. Youth will stop being alienated and disengaged from any form of communal environment.
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