Exploring the Relationship Between Adolescent Sleep, Excessive Technology Use and Mental Health

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Michel, Sarah
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This research project delves into the complex relationship between sleep, technology use and the mental health of adolescents. Teenagers often find it challenging to obtain sufficient sleep, and with the increase in technology usage in recent years, it has become even more difficult. This study aims to understand how inadequate sleep and excessive technology usage negatively affects the mental health of teenagers. It also explores connecting factors and provides recommendations for intervention. The research examines how inadequate sleep can impact emotional regulation, depression, and anxiety. The role of technology in disrupting sleep patterns is examined, with a focus on nighttime screen use and social media. By understanding the intricate dynamics of sleep, technology, and mental health, stakeholders, like school counselors, educators, parents, and adolescents themselves, can implement targeted interventions to promote healthy habits to increase sleep and help teenagers to improve their mood and mental health. Ultimately, this will enhance the overall well-being of today’s youth.
inadequate sleep , technology usage , adolescent mental health , emotional regulation , depression , anxiety , screen time , social media , interventions , well-being