The Effects of Meditative Prayer on Anxiety

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Dherari, Satinder
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The purpose of this study is to demonstrate the effect of East Indian meditative prayer, specifically Jabiji Sahib, on anxiety. The hypothesis is that praying twice daily over a 6-week period will decrease participant's anxiety levels. The experiential design used in this study is a pre-test and post-test that will provide the researcher with data to assess the changes prayer made in anxiety levels. The two instruments used in this study are Spielberger's State Trait Anxiety test and Holmes and Rahe's Life Events test. This proposal includes qualitative measures in the form of an interview. Participants in this study are East Indian Sikh females, who are married, have a household income in the 35,000-65,000 range, are between 30-45 years of age, and are able to use a computer. After the 6-week testing period, anxiety levels will have decreased. The data that will be obtained from this study will help therapists to consider prayer as an intervention technique in psychotherapy, as well as to understand the meaning of prayer to different cultural groups.
meditative prayer as therapy , anxiety