Women in school leadership: The impact of school leadership through sport on middle school girls

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Pate, Catherine Severo Altares
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Educational leaders are responsible for the academic achievements of all students in a safe, caring, diverse, and inclusive learning environment. Sport and same-gender programming effectively develop self-efficacy, build lifelong leadership skills, and improve academic standing for middle-school girls. This capstone project provides a literature review that demonstrates the need for sport and same-gendered programming designed to help middle school girls develop their self-identity, socialization, team building skills, and confidence and to become valued as equal members of society. Supporting research on diversity representation in school leadership roles correlate to breaking traditional gendered and ethnic career roles, social stigmas, and stereotypes. Additionally, this paper includes recommendations for the ways school principals, who play a pivotal role in the process, can implement strategies that increase the participation of middle-school girls in sport, thus increasing their capacity to take on future leadership roles. These strategies enhance principals' ability to ensure a practice that fosters equitable opportunities for all.
diversity in education , Alberta education , principal , leadership , academic success , social cognitive career theory , inclusion , leaky pipeline , middle school girls , physical literacy , social role theory , recruitment for diversity , sports , extra-curricular , teacher of color , teacher of color , women in leadership , minorities in leadership
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