Embrace to Enhance a Deeper Connection: Integrating Emotionally Focused Therapy and Sex Therapy to Improve Adult Couples Intimacy Through Cuddling

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Gregerson, Renee
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In recent years, declining intimacy among adult couples has become a significant concern due to work stress, technology use, and societal pressures. This capstone explores combining emotionally focused therapy (EFT) and sex therapy, with a focus on cuddling, to address these issues. The aim is to create and evaluate a therapeutic intervention that enhances emotional engagement, communication, and secure attachment through cuddling. The literature review covers EFT's role in addressing attachment needs and restructuring negative patterns, and sex therapy's emphasis on communication and cognitive-behavioural strategies. Integrating these therapies is proposed to improve both emotional and sexual intimacy. The capstone also highlights cuddling's benefits as a non-verbal communication tool that strengthens emotional bonds and fosters security. Practical strategies for therapists include comprehensive assessments, safe therapeutic environments, attachment dynamics exploration, sex therapy techniques, mindfulness, sensate focus exercises, and communication skills training. Therapists are encouraged to assign cuddling and other intimate behaviours as homework. This capstone offers innovative insights and practical guidance for therapists, potentially contributing to a deeper understanding of intimacy enhancement in adult couples.
emotionally focused therapy , sex therapy , cuddling , intimacy , adult , cuddling benefits