Single mothers' narratives of strength, with a focus on resiliency and resourcefulness

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Bowie, Laura
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There is a substantial body of literature that focuses on the supposed detrimental impact of single mothers on themselves, their children and on society. The aim of this research is to bring more attention to the strengths, resiliency and resourcefulness of this population. This was done due to the fact that if single mothers and their children are viewed only as harmful to themselves and society as a whole, it can lead to a sense of hopelessness and despondency for these families. Despite the stigma, research is needed on the strengths of this population to provide a wider perspective of these women and their families. Other studies also recognize that there is significance in obtaining a greater comprehension of the strengths of single mothers as a whole, and note the lack of this in academic literature (Kjellstand, 2011; Smith, 2010). Throughout this research, there is an attempt to investigate strength-based narratives of single mothers using the principals of phenomenological inquiry. Through this examination, semi structured interviews are conducted with five women who identify as single mothers. Based on these interviews, certain themes emerge and interpretations are drawn. Through this exploration, it is my hope to add to the literature on the strengths of this population. Additionally, this research can offer useful information to those occupied in helping professions who are concerned with cultivating and developing the strengths of single mothers and their families.
single mothers , strengths , resiliency and resourcefulness , phenomenological inquiry
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