Psychological, Social, and Economic Effects of Divorce: Differences Between Middle Aged Women and Younger Women: An Evaluation of Life Cycle Perspective

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Ellingsen, Maggie
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This thesis analyzes literature and research about the differences in psychological, social, and economic effects of divorce on women of middle age compared with women of younger age. The review begins with a synopsis of history of women and their diverse and changing roles followed by divorce trends and impact of gender socialization. The marriage and divorce myths are introduced. The analysis reveals that the characteristics of women that divorced in their twenties resemble self-development. Women who divorced in their thirties express social relational concerns. Further, women who divorced in their forties expressed how the divorce would allow them to pursue missed opportunities. The thesis will also analyze functionalist and normative assumptions about marriage, divorce, family and gender in development models of family life cycle. A literature review of family development shows how a deficit comparison model informs the research and creates a bias in outcome.
generational differences , women and divorce