Supporting the Well-Being of Perfectionistic Adolescents

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McCullough, Alicia
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Perfectionism has been linked to a range of psychopathology symptoms in adolescents such as depression, anxiety, and suicide. Moreover, studies have indicated that up to 30% of adolescents suffer from a maladaptive form of perfectionism. Despite these facts, there are limited resources and programs explicitly targeting perfectionism in schools. This capstone aims to answer the question: How can teachers and/or school counsellors support the well-being of perfectionistic adolescents in schools? To answer this question, this capstone will first review literature related to the most prominent models of perfectionism and measurement tools used with adolescent populations as well as key characteristics of maladaptive perfectionism in adolescents. This will help to define perfectionism within adolescent populations. Next, literature related to developmental factors and negative outcomes of adolescent perfectionism will be presented to identify targets for support. Current school-based preventions and supports will also be explored. Finally, a recommendation for middle school programming will be made to provide accessible resources for teachers and school counsellors to help support perfectionistic adolescents. Attachment Theory and Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Systems Theory will be used as a theoretical framework to guide the research of this capstone.
adolescent , anxiety , contingent self-worth , depression , negative self-evaluation , perfectionistic self-presentation , suicide , perfectionistic cognitions , perfectionistic reactivity , perfectionism , trait perfectionism
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