Building bridge: The difficulty to establish the effectiveness of art therapy in the treatment of adult survivors from intimate partner violence

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Tabehbahreini, Sahar
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This thesis represents a proposal for a qualitative inquiry research project to generate data based on anecdotal experiences of art therapists as to the top efficacious interventions in the treatment of adults who are traumatized as a result of intimate partner violence (IPV). The project is intended to involve registered art therapists with experience of working with intimate partner violence clients from Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada. The focus of the qualitative inquiry project is to identify the most effective art therapy intervention practiced among art therapists for women who experienced intimate partner violence in British Columbia. The data from this project would evolve from participants' work experience and will be utilized to expose on some of the gaps associated with practice of art therapy in research and clinical practice.
art therapy , intimate partner violence , IPV , therapy effectiveness , British Columbia