Effectual Since Time Immemorial Lesson Integration in Social Studies Curriculum

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Strissel, Elizabeth
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This classroom action research project was conducted to analyze the effectiveness of the new social studies curriculum being piloted in a local school district. The participants were a 4th grade classroom of 26 students. The problem under investigation was whether the new curriculum and suggested supplements were adequate to give students an effective education in Since Time Immemorial curriculum. The new curriculum was applied using online materials and delivered via slideshows, worksheets, and an end of unit project. At the end of the study, students were able to successfully identify that tribal nations have been present in this state Since Time Immemorial and continue to thrive today. Regardless of various challenges faced by the classroom teacher in terms of an overwhelming presence of materials and no clear method in application of curricula, the study yielded positive results.
integration , social studies , curriculum , social studies curriculum
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