Unveiling Factors Influencing Variations in Capability, Mobility, Independence, and Overall Quality of Life Amongst Older Adults

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Marcoux, Colleen
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By empowering the older individuals in our lives to pursue goals, we help them to live fulfilling and rich lives. My aim with this paper is to offer an extensive review of current research that highlights which factors greatly impact the overall life satisfaction of older adults. By unveiling a variety of different factors that improve independence, mobility, capability, and overall quality of life amongst older adults, I hope to bring some clarity to older populations in addition to their loved ones. There are plenty of evidence-based practices surrounding nutrition, exercise, social engagement, and cognitive stimulation that are known to promote healthy aging and improve longevity in older individuals. Additionally, I will be offering insight to therapeutic clinicians on how to best support clients who are caregivers for older adults, or clients who are witnessing the decline of their loved one.
capability , depression , independence , loneliness , mobility , older adults , quality of life