How Stigma Impacts the Treatment Access-ability of Psychedelics for Mental Health

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Machielse, Chloe
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In this paper, I will discuss the therapeutic uses of MDMA, psilocybin, LSD, and ketamine in order to give a breadth of understanding throughout psychedelic categories, prior to understanding the stigma impacting them, and their therapeutic applications. The purpose of this paper is to further understand how psychedelics may be helpful within counselling and uncover how stigma seems to impact their treatment access-ability. To fully understand the uses of psychedelics, I have included a section on the Indigenous uses as well, to allow for a deeper understanding within the history and stigma sections. I have also included quotes from participants of published psychedelic-assisted therapy studies, to infuse an experiential aspect into the literature review. I have done this because it became very clear to me that a comprehensive understanding of psychedelics is necessary to add to the rich data collection and synthetization of findings.
psychedelics , mental health , stigma , treatment , MDMA , LSD , psilocybin , ketamine
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