Evaluating Systemic Burnout Interventions in Healthcare

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Stinn, Leanne
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Burnout has become the quiet epidemic of this century; and healthcare professionals are one of the populations fighting the hardest, both on the frontlines and on the inside (Linzer et al., 2020; Moss, 2021). This literature review seeks to provide guidance in this fight, aiming to understand the factors that contribute to effective burnout treatment when systemic interventions are applied to healthcare professionals and their organizations. To do so, a narrative literature review has been performed, supplemented by a methodological critique examining 12 quantitative and qualitative studies on combined individual and organizational interventions; interventions that are hypothesized to be the most impactful in treating burnout. The most important finding from this research is that systemic interventions, such as combined individual and organizational interventions, can produce cognitive and interpersonal changes in healthcare employees and their organizations that reduce symptoms of burnout. Finally, recommendations are provided, based on the findings and conclusions provided at the level of the individual, the organization, and the individual and organization in combination, for treating burnout in healthcare.
burnout , healthcare , intervention , individual , organizational , systemic
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