Growing Old in the Patriarchy: A Feminist Analysis of Gender, Age, and Care

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Swail, Caitlyn
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The intention of this thesis is to open up a space to explore the long-term impacts of exposure to the patriarchy; taking a life course perspective to understand how women navigate the aging process while living in a patriarchal culture. To narrow the scope of research and situate this work in the real lived experiences of older women, the focus of this project is the connection between the care labour enacted by women (caring, emotional labour, and emotion work) and women's ability to access mental wellness later in life. Central to the theoretical framework of this thesis is the concept that the personal is political, and that the relationships we cultivate are very much influenced by the dominant culture. Moreover, this project serves as an acknowledgement of the love labour that has been gifted upon so many of us by generations of women that have come before us.
patriarchy , aging , emotional labor , older women
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