A Justification for Supporting Transgender Youth in Schools

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Parmar, Harbinder
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This research project is an extensive literature review that explores the experience of transgender youth in an effort to illuminate how schools can better support the academic, social and emotional success of transgender youth. Research suggests transgender youth encounter significant discrimination, harassment and bullying in schools. According to research the victimization negatively impacts their academic, social and emotional success in schools and into adulthood. For example, school victimization and a negative school climate have been linked to higher rates of school absenteeism, lower GPA's, substance abuse, homelessness, mental health issues, sexual risk behaviors and suicidality. The research and literature supports how imperative it is that school counsellors, administrators, teachers, students, parents and communities work cooperatively with transgender youth to implement policies and strategies to better support their needs. It is recommended that future research continue to highlight the effects of school climate on transgender youth and further illuminate effective policies and strategies that positively encourage the academic, social and emotional needs of transgender youth in schools.