Blurring the Boundaries of Racial Privilege and Oppression: Exploring the Narrative and Lived Experience of Mixed-Race Individuals

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Bouton, Hayley
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Although there has been considerable movement towards racial oppression advocacy and social justice activism of late, much of this movement's attention is focused on the marginalization and discrimination faced by monoracial visible minority groups. Mixed-race individuals —despite experiencing distinct challenges different from those of monoracial groups— are often overlooked as a unique demographic, with varied encounters of both oppression and privilege. They are frequently denied the opportunity to share their personal experiences and as a result their specific struggles remain unacknowledged. The primary objective of this capstone project is to scrutinize the underappreciated narratives of multiracial individuals. It begins by presenting the multiracial experience through a historical analysis of mixed-race identity and interracial relationships. Subsequent to this initial examination, the paper proceeds to investigate contemporary perspectives on mixed-race identity and lived experiences. Furthermore, this capstone explores the ramifications of monoracial privilege, elucidating how such advantages impact the perceived self-concept and mental well-being of multiracial individuals. Finally, the paper culminates with the development of a comprehensive user guide resource tailored for counselling professionals. This resource is designed to augment their cultural proficiency, specifically in the realm of supporting clients with mixed-race backgrounds.
mixed-race , multiracial , monoracism , mental health , identity
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