Can Intergenerational Trauma Be Addressed Through Destigimitization Mental Health Among Sikh Males?

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Arora, Simran
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This study explores the complex dynamics of intergenerational trauma and the widespread social stigma associated with mental illness among Sikh men. It reveals the impact of historical occurrences, such as the Anti-Sikh riots and racial discrimination, on the mental health of Sikh men and emphasizes the importance of cultural and religious factors in their coping mechanisms. The study highlights the dynamic nature of mental illness stigmatization and the demand for tailored interventions that consider generational shifts, parenting styles, and evolving societal perspectives. The need for clear and effective communication is paramount, as it can dispel myths, foster understanding, and encourage help-seeking behaviours. Through a literature review, this study identifies gaps in research, urges further empirical study, and reviews strategies to reduce stigma related to mental health in the Sikh male community. It promotes a multifaceted approach to the psychological treatment of intergenerational trauma experienced by this group. Overall, the study sheds light on the complexities of intergenerational trauma and mental illness stigma, paving the way for improved, Sikh-specific mental health care.
intergenerational trauma , stigma , Sikh men , cultural stigma , psychological impact , family trauma transmission , ethnic identity , mental health attitudes
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