Mindfulness and Adolescent Anxiety

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Brennan, Caroline
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The aim of this study was to determine if a mindfulness program would reduce anxiety, stress and depression in a grade 10 planning class (n = 12). The Depression Anxiety and Stress Scale was administered pre and post the implementation of the mindfulness program. Employing an action-research methodology, a 12-week mindfulness curriculum was implemented to see if students could learn and implement the mindfulness tools to build resilience against their anxiety, stress and depression. Both qualitative and quantitative data was gathered. While the quantitative data was inconclusive due to small participant numbers, there were nonetheless interesting trends towards significance if used with a larger group of participants. Qualitative data did provide interesting thematic comparisons between research literature and anxiety levels. It is recommended to rerun this program with a larger group of student participants, possibly including their teachers, parents and caregivers so that the program is implemented wholly and consistently.
mindfulness , adolescent anxiety
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