Mindfulness Training in the Educational Setting to Promote Self-Regulation: A Literature Review

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Silzer, Gregory
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The practice of mindfulness is being considered for use within our school systems as a means to increase student's attention, decrease stress levels and, hopefully, enable students to have better mental health and academic success. In the current literature review, I outline the need for self-regulation skills training and its current importance in the Surrey School District, in particular. I consider the use of mindfulness training as a means to promote self-regulation. I have looked at both indirect and direct methods of using mindfulness to increase student success in schools. Indirect methods involve providing teachers with mindfulness training and analyzing its effect on the classroom climate. Preliminary research in this emerging field suggests that mindfulness has the potential to improve classroom management, teacher-student relationships and instructional strategies. I then consider pre-designed programs aimed directly at teaching students to be mindfully aware and review studies on the effect such programs may have on emotional stress, behavior and academic success. Though there are few studies directly addressing this issue, there is a general acceptance that mindfulness training does help students understand and work through their stressors by being present in the moment. Finally, I consider the use of the SMART program and the MindUp program and their uses in promoting self-regulation.
mindfulness , self-regulation