"Towards Authenticity" A Qualitative Exploration of The Impact of Resilience on the Gender Identity Formation Process in Transgender and Genderfluid Persons: A Research Proposal

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Sjolie, Danielle
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Researchers from a variety of disciplines have noted the significant impact that resilience can have on an individual's ability to persevere through adversity. For transgender persons, the journey to discovering one's gender identity is an experience that can cause hardship in light of social discrimination and marginalization (Brockting, Knudson, & Goldburg, 2007). The conceptualization of gender has undergone a transformation in recent decades, as academic communities begin to explore and justify the existence of multiple possible gender identities (Malaret, 2013). The transition from a binary gender construct to a multidimensional perspective of gender has not been fully accepted by society or by the medical community. Counselling interventions and therapeutic strategies relevant to transgender individuals can be further developed to help support transgender persons as they discover their gender identity. In the current research proposal, our research team hopes to conduct a research study that explores the phenomenon of resilience as it relates to gender identity development. The community-based research methodology as utilized by Travers et al, (2015) will be utilized in order to promote empowerment and transformative academic research by transgender researchers in order to impact the lives of the broader transgender community.
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