Midlife Women's Health: Elevated Risk of Depression During Perimenopause

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Hamilton, Valerie
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Midlife is a time of increased stress for women which subsequently impacts their physical and mental health. Women experience depression at higher rates, suicides peak, and elevated depressive symptoms along with high levels of stress are reported during this time. While each woman’s experience is unique, and further research is needed to disentangle and understand the multiple complexities, the fact remains that midlife is a pivotal and critical time for women and one that has lifelong implications on women’s health. Understanding the multiple co-occurring challenges that women face during this life stage is imperative so that women are supported appropriately while they traverse this phase of life – and ultimately so that we can turn this time of life into a season of opportunity and potential rather than one of suffering. Following a review of the literature on the elevated risk of depression during midlife and perimenopause, the commonly cited challenges women face during midlife, and interventions for protecting and improving mental health during midlife, this capstone will discuss a group therapy template designed to offer education, to normalize the conversation around perimenopause, and to implement interventions aimed at reducing risk of depression.
women’s health , midlife , perimenopause , depression