A Journey Through Anxiety and Psychotherapy

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Uy, Sharleen
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Anxiety is one of the two most common mental health concern experienced worldwide. Depression often accompanies anxiety. Anxiety is characterized by worrisome thoughts, intense physical symptoms, emotional fearfulness and behavioural changes. According to the World Health Organization (2017) each year the number of people living with anxiety and depression continue to rise – globally the number is approximately 300 million in 2015. Anxiety appears to be one of the most prevalent reasons people seek psychotherapy. And according to literature, psychotherapy is the first line of treatment for anxiety issues. This manuscript thesis attempts to understand various sorts of anxiety and possible avenues of psychotherapy. Chapter one begins with an introduction to anxiety and therapy. Chapter two investigates anxiety in childhood, adulthood and in later life. Chapter three takes a closer look at unmasking layers of anxiety to deepen our foundational understanding of how anxiety affects people. Chapter four explores various psychotherapeutic approaches for the variety of anxiety noted in chapter two. Chapter five seeks entheogen's potential use for anxiety in psychotherapy.
generalized anxiety , social anxiety , obsessive-compulsive , panic , phobia , post-traumatic stress , anxiety , children , adult , older adults , alexithymia , gifted , glossophobia , entheogens , psychedelics , psychotherapy , therapy , counseling
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