The Incorporation of Spirituality Into Counselling Within a Holistic Paradigm in a Secular World

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Vanessa, Liu
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In the last few decades, there has been an increase of research and literature on spirituality in psychotherapy (Bhagwan, 2009; Bryant-Davis & Wong, 2013; Bryant-Davis, Ellis, Burke-Maynard, Moon, Counts, & Anderson, 2012; Gubi, 2007; Lees & Tovey, 2012; Mytko & Knight, 1999; Richards & Bergin, 2005; Sternthal, Williams, Musick, & Buck, 2010). The current thesis presents the compatibility of spirituality and psychology (Muller, 1999; Powell, Shahabi, & Thoresen, 2003; Stanley et al., 2011). The study reveals the positive and negative impacts of incorporating spirituality into counselling, and presents different spiritual interventions that can be incorporated into counselling. The literature emphasizes the importance for counsellors and psychotherapists to maintain openness to discussing spiritual issues (Martinez, Smith, & Barlow, 2007; Walker, Reese, Hughes, & Troskie, 2010). This study emphasizes the importance of incorporating spirituality into counselling and psychotherapy while providing examples of interventions that can be used, in addition to the prominence of maintaining spiritual competency and being aware of ethical issues that may arise.
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