Potential for Personal Growth in Grief and Loss: A Personal Journey of Re-learning the World

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Hufsa Iqbal
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Grief and loss is a significant experience that can impact an individual's way of being in many areas throughout the course of their lives. An experience of loss instigates grief, and grievers process the pain and suffering of such experiences in many different ways. The message I am striving to emphasize in this document is the underlying potential of growth that comes with every loss. This thesis is an autoethnographic account of my grief and loss experience that I have come to view as a meaning making experience because of the spiritual transformation I have gone through. Throughout this document, I have described this meaning making process as my personal journey of re-learning the world. I have discovered that the journey of finding potential for personal growth in grief and loss can be an excruciatingly intense process that can spark an individual to begin a lifelong journey of finding purpose in life. I have also discovered that grief and loss has occurred in different developmental stages in my life, and that I am now entering a new stage in my journey of transformation: a stage in which I am aiming to become a helper in order to provide support to those experiencing grief and loss. In this thesis I discussed, at length, a theoretical model called the two-track model of bereavement, as well as other therapeutic interventions, that for therapists should be aware of while working with grief and loss in the field of counselling.
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grief , grief counseling , autoethnography , model of bereavement
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