Infidelity: A Source of Positive Relational Transformation

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Schecter, Tanya
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Infidelity is widely practiced even though it is almost uniformly condemned. Rates of infidelity among heterosexual couples are currently on the rise meaning it is an issue that many couples will encounter, and one couples counsellors will need to know how to effectively navigate if they are to effectively help the couple achieve relational repair in its aftermath. This paper defines infidelity and examines the various factors that contribute to a partner engaging in it. The paper then looks at the factors a couple must successfully address to not only survive the infidelity but thrive and transform their relationship post-infidelity into one based on greater intimacy, relational joy, and satisfaction. Relational Life Therapy is explored as an approach to couples counselling and, more specifically, to treating post-infidelity repair with the aim of engendering relational transformation. Its strengths and weaknesses are evaluated and the HTI Relationship Map is explored as a roadmap and set of tools that can be used as an overlay to Relational Life Therapy’s approach to treating infidelity.
infidelity , Relational Life Therapy , HTI Relationship Map , Terry Real , relationship transformation