Songs of Hope and Resilience During Adolescence: Narratives of Survival and Healing through Trauma and Grief

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DeLong, Ian Campbell
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During Adolescence, songs often influence identity development. As youth develop, song can inspire hope and resilience enabling the individual to cope and heal from both trauma and grief. With the therapeutic guidance of song and a therapist's support, adolescents are enabled to create personal narratives infused with hope and resilience as they formulate their identity. Thus, adolescents activate their potential to flourish and thrive with song. The use of song as a therapeutic device has the potential to enhance the therapeutic process as individuals identify, access, and document problematic narratives as well as new narrative trajectories of hope and resilience. This in turn, fosters healing as the therapeutic process unfolds. Narrative therapy is conducive to the use of song within the therapeutic process and adolescence is an appropriate developmental stage to implement song as a therapeutic device within the therapeutic process. This paper provides researched support for the use of song during the narrative therapeutic process while working with adolescents and outlines an RTI (Response to Intervention) model that can be implemented to support its use within a comprehensive school counselling program.
song , narrative , hope , resilience , adolescence