Post Incarceration Sexual Health and Behaviours for Gay Males

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Reverie, Olivia
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With incarceration being considerably more prevalent among gender and sexuality-diverse populations, these communities continue to be at the greatest risk for health-related challenges. Presently, there continues to be limited research and studies assessing the sexual health disparities produced by mass incarceration and the systematic assessment of the health consequences of incarceration for gay males upon release. This capstone project explored the effects of incarceration on sexual health and behaviours of gay males upon their release and proposed future courses of action in clinical and community settings. The main themes that emerged from the literature analysis included: STI's and substance use, institutional sexual health practices, and mental health treatment utilization relevant to the experience and interventions for gay males' sexual health after the experience of incarceration. This review highlights the importance of competent care for all LGBTQIA+ members, especially those experiencing incarceration, and the significance of accessibility and quality required by health care providers, clinicians, and communities.
incarceration , LGBTQIA+ , post-incarceration , sexual health , sexual behaviors , sexual behaviors , mental health , gay males , reintegration supports