The Effect of Project Based Learning on Student Engagment in a Middle School Setting

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Sia, Adam
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Student engagement continues to be an issue in today's classrooms, and for this reason educators must explore creative ways to engage students. As teachers are restricted to the curriculum they are asked to teach, engaging students can be difficult. Adding to the complexity of instruction are the many needs of students in today's inclusive classrooms. This research is designed to assess a possible correlation between project-based learning and student engagement. Data collected for the study was used to compare engagement levels of students in a traditional classroom and the engagement level of students in a project-based environment. The comparative research presented was gathered through feedback from students in a traditional classroom and a project-based classroom. The survey questions presented to students in both classrooms were chosen to compare levels of engagement of students at key points in curriculum instruction. The study was conducted in a rural community with students accustomed to a traditional method of instruction. Two different classrooms were used in the study, as well as two different instructors. Data collected from surveys revealed an increase in student engagement within the project-based classroom when compared to the results from the traditional classroom.
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