Continuation of Living: Maintaining Dignity and Quality of Life within the Process of Aging

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Binanitan, Janine Anne
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Dignity and quality of life are often regarded as fundamental aspects of human rights. Both are seen to be indicators of what it means to be a human being. Yet, these factors are often overlooked as human beings go through the process of aging and particularly for older adults who rely on caregivers and healthcare system for all aspects of their needs. My capstone project explores the challenges and changes that older adults experience as they age and how the dignity and quality of life become secondary as they go through those challenges and changes. My capstone project offers perspectives from humanistic and person-centered approaches, particularly narrative and dignity therapy, which aims to maintain dignity and quality of life. The final chapter of my capstone will offer a community workshop that aims to inform, educate, and collaborate with community members in supporting and empowering older adults in their lives.
aging , dignity , life transitions , older adults , elderly , dignity therapy , community workshop , quality of life , legacy , meaning-making
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