Youth Creating Inclusion: Supporting Youth by Increasing Awareness, Sharing Knowledge and Creating Inclusion in Their School Culture

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Du Plessis, Mitchel
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Addressing the impact of bullying and bullying behaviours is one of the main focuses of my work as a Youth and Family Counsellor (YFC) in middle school. I believe that the underlying elements of bullying behaviours are prejudice and discrimination based on gender and gender identity, race, ethnicity, size, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religious or spiritual beliefs, and/ or ability. In this paper, I will be examining current research and creating a resource for middle school youth and adults to help increase strategies for addressing prejudice and discrimination focusing specifically on gender identity while acknowledging the complexities of intersectionality. School district 61 (SD 61) is committed to ensuring that schools are safe, welcoming, and inclusive environments for all students and there is district support for continuing to develop student awareness through curricular and extracurricular social justice initiatives. John Gaiptmen, superintendent of SD 61 states, "we must continue to provide an education in an environment that is safe and has mutually respectful relationships, regardless of one's race, colour, gender, sexual orientation or any other bias or discrimination" ( My objective is to provide middle school students and staff in school district 61 with opportunities to shift prejudice and discrimination and create acts of allyship and acceptance of diversity.
inclusion , bullying