Experiences of Stigma and Discrimination in People with Asexual Spectrum Identities

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Ruhl, Heather
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People with asexual spectrum identities remain an emerging area of psychological research. A framework analysis was conducted to examine the extent to which the minority stress model describes the ways in which people with asexual spectrum identities experience stigma and discrimination. Findings from 18 articles published between 2019 and 2023 were analyzed to identify themes of stigma and discrimination using the minority stress model as a framework for analysis. In this analysis, four categories of distal minority stressors were identified: invisibility, compulsory sexuality, centrality of marriage and family, and sexual gender norms. Four categories of proximal minority stressors were also identified: feeling illegitimate, concealment and fear of stigma, social norms as unattainable, and navigating relationships and consent. Results of the review indicate asexual people experience similar levels of discrimination as other sexual minorities, reflecting both the discriminatory impact of social discourse and the internalization of stigmatizing experiences that negatively impact mental health and wellbeing.
asexuality , discrimination , stigma , minority stress , allonormativity
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