Disabled Sex Workers: Exploring the Influence of Dominant Discourse and Social Constructs to Increase Counsellor Competency

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Newby, Rachel
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Disability and sexuality are often considered taboo topics and not considered in relation to each other. Due to this, sex work stigma and disabled sexuality stigma have invisibilized disabled sex workers. This has led to a dearth of literature pertaining to the nuanced and diverse experiences of disabled sex workers. This capstone explores the social constructs and dominant discourses surrounding sex work and disability to understand the impact on disabled sex workers. The overarching purpose of this capstone is to transform a discourse laden with shame and stigma to one of agency, resilience, and creativity in the face of multiple barriers to facilitate increased counsellor competency. The findings demonstrate that failing to consider intersectional identities will homogenize and fail to recognize the nuanced experiences of sex workers with disabilities. Further, the findings highlight the necessity of viewing sex work through a disability lens. This research calls for disabled sex worker visibility within counselling and counsellors moving beyond the therapy room to facilitate meaningful change.
disability , sex work , intersectionality , counsellor competency , disabled sex workers
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