Mindfulness Practices for Adolescence and Young Adults with Social Media Compulsion

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Kirschner, Kristina
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Social media use has been on the rise, especially among teenagers and young adults, making a life with the latest technology and applications almost impossible. The generation of adolescents today have grown up with smart phones and the access to social media. This paper consists of a literature review, showing that adolescents upholding their social connections easiest through social media. However, this behaviour can also lead to an excessive use of social media platforms. While the effects of social media compulsion need further scientific exploration, some studies found detrimental effects of social media compulsion. One of these are feeling more isolated than connected, experience higher psychological distress. The negative effects of social media use have been measured with the Bergen Social Media Addiction Scale (BSMAS) or the Digital Addiction Scale (DAS). Mindfulness practices could be an interesting intervention for adolescents or young adults, as it has been shown to alleviate psychological distress, as well as bring a sense of awareness and management of emotions to the person.
mindfulness , social media compulsion , adolesecents , youth , social media , mental health , mindfulness practices