Connecting Perfectionism with Post-Partum Depression: Clinical Implications for Counsellors

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Brown, Shawna
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The objective of this thesis is to explore the relationship between the personality trait, perfectionism, and the onset of Post-Partum depression (PPD), with a focus on how their association can be responded to from a clinical level. Using a manuscript thesis format, a literature review on the topics of perfectionism, PPD, and the connection between the two are presented in three independent essays. The focus is on finding empirical validation that links perfectionism and PPD, followed with an exploration of clinical implications for working with this specific clientele. The results suggest that while there are empirical findings revealing a link between perfectionism and PPD, more research needs to be conducted on the correlation. This may aid in creating clinical implications that are empirically validated as of upmost benefit for new mothers struggling with PPD due to perfectionistic indicators. Future implications of this study may include quantitative research on detecting and treating perfectionism prior to PPD for this specific clientele.