Using a Holistic Approach to Mitigate Burnout in Early-Career Counselling Psychologists

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Espejo Atienza, Aurora
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This study aimed to research how early career counseling psychologists (ECCPs) may be equipped with the knowledge to prevent and/or mitigate burnout, affording ECCPs to thrive in their chosen careers as they cater to the growing demands for mental health services. Research suggests that while the field of counselling psychology can be rewarding and positively impact the lives of many, it is demanding, comes with professional challenges and has a high propensity for burnout. The writer sought to examine existing qualitative research studies to understand the extent to which the bio-psycho-socio+spiritual model may address the increasing burnout levels among ECCPs. The study's key results indicated the need for heightened awareness by practitioners of strategies to mitigate burnout, further exploration of the efficacy of fortifying ECCPs’ spirituality, and the need to expand the cultural influences that positively impact ECCPs’ burnout rates. The limitation of this study is that it excludes treatment planning or interventions for burnout. In conclusion, through the holistic lens of the bio-psycho-socio+spiritual framework, the researcher identified factors contributing to burnout and recommended that ECCPs use the bio-psycho-socio+spiritual model as a tool to maintain balance in their work/life practice to prevent and mitigate against burnout.
burnout , stigma , early-career counselling psychologist , novice psychotherapists