In The Embrace of The Machine: Cultural Analysis of Video Game Addiction Among Chinese Transnational Migrant Children

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Zhu, Wren
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Video game addiction is a relatively new phenomenon primarily affecting children. The causes of video game addiction are not yet well-understood and current treatment options are lacking. Not all children are similarly impacted by video game addiction, Chinese transnational migrant children are disproportionately affected by video game addiction. To address the concerns of this community, this capstone investigates the possible factors associated with the frequent occurrence of video game addiction in the population of Chinese transnational migrant children. Video game addiction in children is associated with mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, and social isolation. Cultural and systemic factors which influence the mental health status of Chinese transnational migrant children include authoritarian parenting style, academic pressure, migratory grief, and possible exposure to intergenerational trauma. Barriers to treatment include parental lack of knowledge and awareness of mental health and stigma, as well as the lack of culturally sensitive care. In order to address the current limitation of video game addictions treatment, ecotherapy-based interventions with modifications, is proposed as a novel way to provide culturally sensitive treatment for transnational migrant children.
video game addiction , multicultural counselling , transnational migration , ecotherapy