The Effect of Personal Therapy on The Professional Development of Counsellors

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Kim, Aryeo (Chloe)
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How can counsellors enhance their professional development? This research project examines the impact of personal therapy on counsellors' professional growth. A total of 10 articles were selected using inclusion and exclusion criteria. A comprehensive literature review revealed three primary findings. First, engaging in personal therapy contributes to the enhancement of self-awareness and personal growth. Second, it fosters the development of therapeutic skills and competencies. Lastly, third, personal therapy provides valuable role modelling and profound experiential learning opportunities. By participating in personal therapy, counsellors can hone their skills, deepen their understanding of their clients' needs, foster emotional resilience, and maintain their well-being. Ultimately, personal therapy is a crucial component of professional development, enabling counsellors to provide empathic and effective care to their clients. In conclusion, this project emphasizes the value of personal therapy in the ongoing professional development of counsellors and recommends further research to explore the long-term effects, specific factors, and various modalities of personal therapy on counsellor development.
personal therapy , counsellor , self-awareness , professional developments