The Impact of the Character Initiative at W.J. Mouat Secondary After Three Years of Implementation

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Fraser, Lisa
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The aim of this study was to investigate the perceived impact of the character initiative at WJ Mouat on the staff, students, and school. Forty-two participants consented to participate in the quantitative/qualitative study. Each participant completed an online survey through Fluid Surveys, a secure online software program approved for use in Canadian universities. The data was entered into SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) for analysis. The data revealed that many staff thought there were positive effects of the program. It also allowed staff to state what they thought could enhance the program. Finally, staff revealed some of the issues with the program as well. The research showed that males rated higher than females in their perception of the initiative in some areas. The most significant trends found was that those participants who predominately taught/or worked with grade 10 students scored lower than those of all other grades. The results highlight the importance of character programs to ensure that all staff feels autonomy and a connection to the program to ensure optimal success.