A Comprehensive Review of the Surrey WRAPAround Program: Toward more Effective Mental Health Services for Surrey Youth at Risk of Gang Involvement

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Huot, Matthew
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The primary purpose of this Capstone is to explore the theoretical and practical underpinnings of the Surrey WRAPAround program to facilitate the development of a new intake and assessment tool for the program and advocate for more clinical support for the program's case managers. This Capstone consists of three main components. First, it inquiries into the overall concept of wraparound models of care by conducting a literature review exploring the origins of wraparound as a model of care for individuals experiencing complex mental health and detailing the ten guiding principles of wraparound. Second, it delves into the inner workings of the Surrey WRAPAround program by analyzing how students are referred to the program, WRAPAround's current intake and assessment methods, and how Surrey WRAPAround aligns with the ten guiding principles of wraparound. Third, it critically reviews existing structures the WRAPAround program has to support the staff's mental health and recommends that the WRAPAround program increase mental health supports available for the team.
wraparound models of care , mental health
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