An Examination of Pedophilia: Development and Treatment

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Watson, Sarah
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The present thesis puts forth a research proposal into the developmental pathways that lead to pedophilia and the possibilities of early interventions in adolescence by examining the treatment methodology currently in use. Hypotheses concerning pedophilia being analogous to a sexual preference are drawn from the diverse literature on pedophilic tendencies in adolescence and the self-reporting of diagnosed pedophiles. These hypotheses propose further investigation into the etiology through investigative interviews with diagnosed male pedophiles recruited through psychiatrists, community and institutional corrections to examine the origins of pedophilia. Further exploratory research would demonstrate the importance and relevance of effective intervention in adolescence. This proposal does not attempt a comprehensive review of pedophilia; rather, this paper focuses on the psychological development of fixated pedophilia in males from birth to early adolescence. The proposal indicates that there are suggestions of developmental pathways leading to pedophilia. Additionally the proposal indicates that early treatment interventions have potential to prevent the rate of recidivism in adulthood although further research is needed in this area.
pedophilia , adolescents counseling , psychological development of pedophilia in males