Affect Regulation and ACT as a Modality for the Treatment of Affect Dysregulation

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Zhang, Jing
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Affect dysregulation is at the heart of psychopathology and a core area of dysfunction across various mental health problems and disorders. Through a literature review, this paper synthesizes existing knowledge on the development of affect regulating system, the psychopathology of affect dysregulation, and the utility of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) as a therapeutic modality for the treatment of affect dysregulation. The research findings suggest that ACT offers a promising approach to enhance affect regulation and improve psychological well-being. Based on this research, this paper proposes best practices for the ACT modality for the treatment of affect dysregulation. Additionally, this paper also discusses challenges and limitations associated with the implementation of ACT in affect regulation interventions, and suggests future research directions, including the areas related to best practices for the implementation of the Self-as-Context intervention and the efficacy of ACT in the treatment of the primary affect-regulating system.
affect regulation , affect dysregulation , ACT
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