Exploration of Mind: Meditation as Vehicle for Personal and Professional Development

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Carter, Barrett
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This thesis is an autobiographical investigation that focuses on a Buddhist retreat experience as it relates to my development as an emerging counsellor. It is placed within a growing interest in the intersection between Eastern practices and psychotherapy. By framing this experience within a larger personal narrative, I illustrate an on-going process of self-discovery that I have termed 'inner work'.In particular, I will be looking at Buddhist teachings and practices concerning two of the four ‘immeasurables': loving-kindness and compassion. Experiential and experimental in nature, this study is concerned with the lessons and themes that have emerged as a result of self-reflection regarding a retreat experience, and how they might relate to my work as a counsellor. My experiences will also be framed within the context of other selected studies that deal with similar meditative practices.
autoethnography , Buddhism