Why Culture Matters: Promoting Wellness and Dignity for Aboriginal Families Experiencing Violence

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Chartrand, Audrey
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Aboriginal people today are struggling to overcome a colonial past of oppression, violence and assimilation. The high rates of mental health problems, including family violence can be traced to a history of loss related to colonialism. Mainstream counseling and intervention approaches to address family violence lack cultural awareness and are less effective in their approach to helping victims and perpetrators of violence. There continues to be fear and mistrust from Aboriginal people towards Euro – western approaches to healing based on a history of forced assimilation and racism. Instead, Aboriginal communities are asking for a more culturally appropriate method of healing the family based on their values, traditions and Indigenous knowledge. This thesis will offer an approach to helping Aboriginal families experiencing violence that is based on dignity and wellbeing. Addressing the specific cultural needs and ways of healing is essential when working with Aboriginal families
family counseling of Aboriginal peoples , Aboriginal mental health , culture and counseling